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Gosh, looking back at the first Balloon Party tracklist…

I’m getting so many feels. How ever much we rip on the fandom now and how brony music is soundgoodizer, nexus, and chrome wubs, that album was something that was fucking magical. Everyone contributed their own style, which was clearly evident in their track, people spent ages perfecting their tracks, and so many awesome collabs happened. We really came together as a community on that one, and honestly I really think Balloon Party: 100% No Feeble Cheering was where the music of the fandom hit its peak. Since then it has declined like hell, and many of the artists, me included are getting ready to pack up their laptops and guitars and move elsewhere with their dreams and talents. I think we all need to take a step back though, and appreciate just how much quality work went into that album, and the community bonds that it formed. Those few months of working on my tracks and listening to others make their progression were some of the most fun times of my music-producing life, and I’m glad it came together into something concrete and amazing. No matter where I go, I will not forget how much this fandom and this community have done for me, and BP1 will always serve as that reminder for me.

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    I couldn’t agree more, Art.
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    except that Baloon Part alienated anyone who did not want to do “hard music” and then everyone released melodic things...
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    I agree 100%
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    I loved the BP project, I made a ton of friends though it as well. It also motivated to step up my game in both 2d,3d,...
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    Pretty pathetic excuse for a peak if you ask me
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    the community as you know it peaked back during Balloon Party, sure. but damn man, we’re still kicking. I don’t think...
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    Much agreed right here. I just listened to all of BP just a few days ago. Such nostalgia as BP was the first project I...
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